……….The Faces of the Homeless…………..


DSC03271homeless1Homelessunderbridge1under the bridges dog foodonstreet

These are some of the faces of the homeless.  Their just like us, meaning that all of them had jobs, marriages, anniversaries, and children.  They are religious, ethical and kind.  This would all be discovered if we took the time to stop and talk to them.  Some lost their homes in the fraudulent mortgage crisis.  Some made so little, then when it came time to collect unemployment it wasn’t enough to live on.  Many tried to stay in their neighborhoods and slept on couches of friends and in shelters where the conditions were not to their liking.  The man; Gary published a book, George the man to his left has grand children and visit him  and the smiling man on the far left worked in a Library until it was closed to lack of funding.  Not one of them is crazy or lazy.  Sure some are tired, but not before they tried and tried to get a job and a place to live.  Please stop and talk with them. Some miss talking to people more than living on the streets.

“There are no Throw away People”

We serve them on the last Saturday of every month.  Go to “Becoming a Volunteer ” at http://www.underthebridges.org , on the top of the page.  The next date is the 26th of March, then on April 30th.

John Shinavier, Executive Director


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