May 30th. It’s All About The Volunteers!!

WE have a great bunch of volunteers of all ages who showed up today to may our delicious bagged lunches and then deliver them all over Los Angeles County.  An organization is only as good as its volunteers, and some of these volunteers have been serving the hungry and homeless of Los Angeles since we first started in 1993.  We meet the last Saturday of every month, and there is always a new route to start, or make lunches, write grants etc..  Find your need in our non-profit.  No one gets a salary and the majority of all monies goes straight to serving the homeless.


KATE, LUKE & JUSTINA DSC03159 DSC03162 DSC03161 DSC03164DSC00598DSC02023DSC00092DSC02022DSC02019IMG_0085


2 thoughts on “May 30th. It’s All About The Volunteers!!

  1. As a family, we have been dedicated to Under The Bridges for many years and we are never surprised by the impact of their work and the unique nature of care and attention everyone puts forth. I say to those reading, come join us!

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