Looking for Retirees Who Are Looking to Volunteer.

Under The Bridges.image1

Since it’s founding some twenty years ago, “Under the Bridges and on the Streets”, has generally drawn a young volunteer base to make lunches and especially to take them out.  Even the seniors that have been with us since the beginning prefer to prepare lunches and distribute them. (see our two video’s.)

This isn’t all that is needed to keep a 501c like ours going.  As Founder and Executive Director I work on all aspects of our volunteer organization, from shopping, raising money, handing out the lunches, reviewing our lists of volunteers and their emails, looking for grants etc..  We really need help in fund-raising, writing grants, networking with city officials etc.  As someone who is about to turn 65, I could use a little help from like minded seniors who bring a wealth of information and experience that would help build “Under the Bridges and on the Streets” into a larger, more robust non-profit.  I need those that keep an organization running between the dates when we all come together to prepare the lunches.

If you are interested in giving some of your time to our grass-roots organization, please call me or shoot me an email and let me know.  I could sure use your help!


John Shinavier, Executive Director


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