Remember Those that you serve.

Remember Those that you serve.

This came to me today as I removed my AIDs ribbon to throw a shirt into the wash.  I had been volunteering back in the late 80’s and early 90’s at USC County Hospital.  At the time the group “Act Up” was in full strength, and had secured one of the sections of the hospital for those with HIV and AIDS.  The rooms were cleaner, and the staff more empathetic and educated about the virus.  As a steady volunteer I would go to that floor and spend a couple of hours talking, comforting, doing what I could for the person in bed who in those days would possibly be dead soon.  One boy I met there was from a small village in Mexico.  He was 16 yrs old and had been thrown out of his village when his family discovered that he was gay.  He had made it to S. California, and did the only thing that boys of that age could do to survive, he sold his body to any car that would stop on Santa Monica Blvd.  His name was Manuel and he was all alone.  A friend had come accompanied me to see if doing this kind of service would work for him.  When I told him the boys story and he saw him, he immediately left the room and was sobbing in the hall.  I asked Manuel if there was anything that he wanted?  He paused, and shook his tousled head.  I asked him again telling him that in doing so, he was helping someone else do service. He smiled and then requested a C.D. player (portable) and some music.  I answered in the affirmative before I thought of how I was going to do this.  I did visit over forty clients there.  I held his hand for some time and just listened to him.  When I left his room, my friend was hysterical and embarrassed that he had left the room.  He asked me what the boy needed?  You know the rest of this story.  When doing service truly from your heart, your presence is very bright and in tune to the Universe.  While you are in this bubble, all things are possible.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t think.  Just say “yes”, and in my experience that person that your helping will always receive what they need.

Laxman Das Jaya aka The Cookie Man


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