Who We Are

“It is one of the simplest forms of service to feed someone who is hungry.”
— Ma Jaya

is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit hands-on service organization

PLEASE read this letter from our Executive Director – How Do I Get Involved?”

We are dedicated to serving the homeless where they live – on the streets, under bridges and in camps. Our main purpose is to provide food and clothing to those in need with an awareness of the heart. We are a direct service organization of volunteers who believe in the dignity of the individual and strive to enhance the lives of those we serve as well as those who serve.


Overall, we serve close to 1,000 homeless each month. Under The Bridges was started by a group of people wanting to help the homeless, who are unable to utilize or access the shelters and soup kitchens. Our bagged lunches consist of a meat and cheese sandwich on a soft bun, fresh fruit, cookies and a bottle of water.  We personalize our service whenever possible, whether providing meatless sandwiches for vegetarians, turkey sandwiches for Muslims or sugar free treats for diabetics. When available, we also distribute clothes, shoes, blankets, socks and toiletries.

We recently launched a new area of service – we are now delivering doggy food, whenever possible, to those we serve who have four-legged companions! We want to be sure our furry friends don’t go hungry either!

under the bridges dog food

We serve the County of Los Angeles, from Downtown to Santa Monica and Venice, and parts of San Fernando Valley.  A special aspect of our program is that we physically take food to the homeless, where they live, Under the Bridges and On the Streets. This often takes us into alleys, empty lots and other places where the homeless congregate.


Another area of service is a yearly program where we deliver toys, cookies, candies and treats on Christmas Day to the Los Angeles County Hospital, USC Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Teen Canteen – serving more than a 1,000 people each Christmas day.


Besides assisting the homeless, we also provide the experience of hands-on direct service for volunteers.

Under the Bridges And On The Streets was established May 1993.